'Cycling through the Trees' in Bosland

In Pijnven you can cycle through the trees. Cycling through a forest environment is a special experience for the senses. This cycle path safely takes you into higher realms. Quite literally - because you cycle around a double circle up to a height of 10 metres between the trees. You can see, feel and smell nature’s splendour.

You can find this cycling experience in Hechtel-Eksel, at Pijnven in the Bosland forest, at junction 272 of the cycle route network.

It is no coincidence that 'Cycling through the Trees' (#FDDB) is located in Bosland National Park. The largest uninterrupted forest area in Flanders unites man and nature. Each of the four municipalities in Bosland has its own theme. For Hechtel-Eksel, this is “The tree in...” Cycling through the Trees (#FDDB) now gives Hechtel-Eksel its own landmark.

Just like 'Cycling through Water', this cycle path offers a unique cycling experience in harmony with the natural environment. By unlocking the fabulous Bosland National Park with such spectacular results, visitors can experience this natural world in a very special way. You become one with the forest.

The path gradually rises to a height of 10 metres and is 700 metres long with a diameter of 100 metres. The Corten steel pillars are situated at varying intervals of 1, 2 and 3 metres apart and symbolise the straight trunks of the fir trees, ensuring that the structure fits beautifully into the environment.


Buggy friendly
Suitable for wheelchairs