For keen walkers, the long-distance walks and long route paths, multi-day walking tours along mostly unmetalled paths, are probably nothing new. For those who are not so familiar with them, we are delighted to present the 4 Limburg long-distance walking routes.

Haspengouw GR route

Haspengouw is situated in the south of Limburg and is a major fruit-growing area. Whether you go in spring when all the blossoms are in flower, or later in the year when the ripe fruit is hanging from the trees, the landscapes are worth discovering in any season. The GR walking route is a 130 km loop with another 52 km of shortcuts so that you can also cover a shorter loop.

De Wijers long-distance walk

De Wijers, aka the land of 1001 ponds, extends across central Limburg from Lummen to Genk. The De Wijers pond landscape will keep you busy for several days. The long-distance walking route is 82 km long in total but you can also opt for 3 day-hikes.

Hoge Kempen National Park long-distance walk

Flanders only has one national park, and it is in Limburg. Hoge Kempen National Park is an absolute belter. The 72 km long-distance walk really lets you explore every corner of the park. Start at the As Station, Kattevennen, Lieteberg or Mechelen Heath entrances.

Meuse valley river park

The river Meuse in the east of Limburg is the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. The river flows along 40 km from Maastricht to Kessenich. The landscape on the river banks is absolutely splendid to explore on foot. The long-distance walk is a total of 52.5 km long and you can follow it from north to south, or from south to north.

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