The Limburg Cycling Map is an absolute must-have for your cycling holiday in Limburg. You can easily plan your bike ride breaks in a cycle-friendly café, choose among one of our outlined routes, and find a place to stay, ... Whatever information you need, you will find it on the cycling map with accompanying information booklet.

A new version of the cycling map and the information booklet in 2020

The cycling map is totally up-to-date again. The map offers you a detailed overview of the entire Limburg cycling route network, the junctions and distances between them, and the cycle-friendly cafés and accommodations.

The accompanying information booklet contains 18 cycling loops, including a two-day cycle loop if you want to stay a little longer in Limburg and an accessible route for cyclists with reduced mobility.

The note pages in the back are handy for making lists with stops along the way, or for writing down anecdotes. On the flap with a tear-off map, you can fill in the junctions.

The cycling map in 5 points

1. an up-to-date cycling map with detailed cycling routes

2. the unique cycling experiences 'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk, 'Cycling through the Trees' in Bosland, and 'Cycling through the Heathland' in the Hoge Kempen National Park (opening soon), are indicated on the map

3. an up-to-date overview of all cycle-friendly cafés and accommodations

4. 42 starting places, one in each Limburg municipality

5. a list of more than 40 bike rental points

Where do I buy the cycling map?

The Limburg Cycling Map can be purchased for 9.50 euros in all tourist information offices in Limburg, in Standaard Boekhandel (also online), AS Adventure, Fnac, and via, and


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