The Limburg Cycling Map is an absolute must-have for your cycling holiday in Limburg. You can easily plan your bike ride breaks in a cycle-friendly café, choose among one of our outlined routes, and find a place to stay, ... Whatever information you need, you will find it on the cycling map with accompanying information booklet.

A new version of the cycling map and the information booklet in February 2024

The cycling map is totally up-to-date again. The map offers you a detailed overview of the entire Limburg cycling route network, the junctions and distances between them, and the cycle-friendly cafés and accommodations.

The accompanying information booklet inspires with 10 cycling loops and 10 cycling nodes in the spotlight. Use them as a guide for your next cycling holiday.

You get a comprehensive list of all known and new cycle pubs, lodging addresses and rental points. Enormously practical!

This edition also contains the familiar route maps with pre-completed junctions for the best routes. Extra blank maps are also included so you can note down the junctions yourself.

Where do I buy the cycling map?

The Limburg Cycling Map can be purchased for 9.50 euros in

The Limburg Cycling Map 2024-2025

The cycling map in 5 points

1. an up-to-date cycling map with detailed cycling routes

2. 10 cycling loops and 10 cycling nodes in the spotlight

3. an up-to-date overview of all cycle-friendly cafés and accommodations

4. route maps with pre-completed junctions

5. a list of bike rental points