Where can you go with the whole family? To Limburg, of course. Our province is a playground for children. And playing here is so much better. Just imagine: a typical playing field or an adventure-filled forest. Which would your children prefer?

Sint-Truiden - © Robin Reynders

Natural play

Here you can still play outside properly. Children are challenged to be practical and creative. Building treehouses, scrambling and climbing in the woodland playgrounds, and at the same time learning something about the natural environment surrounding them - it’s just great!

Heers - © Koen De Langhe

The animal kingdom

Today’s children don't seem to know any more where milk comes from. The solution: an excursion to the children’s farm where they can meet various animals and find out more about them.

Bocholt - © Koen De Langhe

Swimming in the summer

A fresh dip in the swimming pool when it's very hot in the summer - how blissful is that? And the children will be delighted when they see that there is a slide. Indoor or outdoor, sub-tropical or swimming pond; whatever your preference, Limburg has it.