It is a true experience for children to cuddle, brush, groom, and take a ride on a pony or donkey.

Girl and white pony in het Franciscushof in Pelt

Pony and donkey rides in Franciscushof

In the Franciscushof children's farm, you kids can choose between ponies or donkeys. After a short introduction and feeling comfortable with each other, the kids take off for a guided ride. Always safe for everyone, including children who have no experience at all.

Groep kinderen gaat met pony's op wandel vanuit manege Bosscherhof in Zutendaal

Gnome walks in Zutendaal

Riding school Bosscherhof organizes regularly so-called “gnome walks”: while mam and dad guide the ponies through the Hoge Kempen National Park forest, the youngest enjoy the ride. 

Jongen geeft een stuk appel aan een ezel in Bosland

Donkey tours at 't Ezelsbrugske

Take a memorable walk with a donkey at 't Ezelsbrugske. Stroll through the Bosland woods and take a break for a picnic you brought along. Don't forget to taste the delicious donkey ice cream afterward!