Demise of the Gricers

Experience what it’s like to star in your own real-life movie or video game!

‘Demise of the Gricers’ immerses you in the dark story of a group of train fanatics (Gricers), who are dangerously losing their humanity.
Experience an interactive psychological thriller together with your friends, colleagues or family, that drives you to the point of suspense, awakens all the senses and then leaves you feeling alive.

Do you have the courage to do it?

• Explore, infiltrate, sneak, flee, crawl, hide and “stay alive” during this blood-curdling experience.
• Interactive, mysterious, technical machines designed by the Gricers.
• An oppressive, industrial yet brilliant audiovisual atmosphere..
• Professional actors portraying multiple characters.
• Enter remarkable locomotives and wagons in a fantastical lifelike environment!


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