Haspengouw is situated in the south of Limburg and is mainly known for its fruit. The mainly rolling landscape is ideally suited to cultivating fruit and wine-growing. This region also has a very rich history, traces of which you can still see today.

Borgloon - © Raf Ketelslagers

Blossoms everywhere!

The spring, when everything is in bloom, is the perfect time to come to Haspengouw. You always have to wait a little before knowing exactly when the blossom time will be, but that makes it all the better and more natural. As a rough guide, the best chance is probably in April.

Tongeren - © Koen De Langhe

Historic Haspengouw

Haspengouw has always been an important region. After all, the largest collection of monuments, castles, churches and other historic buildings in Limburg is in this area. Bilzen, Borgloon, Sint-Truiden, Tongeren... these are all towns that exude history.