Hiking in Greenspots

Signposted walks

Don't worry, Greenspots are not some weird disease. These 'green spots' are well-maintained hiking areas in Haspengouw. Each Greenspot has several signposted walking circuits with different distances. The routes are indicated by means of colored symbols that keep you on the right track. All ten Greenspots have their typical character with one thing in common: the landscapes are mindblowing.

1. Greenspot Alden Biesen

'History between field and meadow' 
In this Greenspot you explore the surroundings of Bilzen. Starting point Grand Commandery Alden Biesen is a beautiful piece of heritage. Other points of departure are De Kimpel in Bilzen and Genoelderen wine castle in Riemst. The walking routes are 1.7 to 15.5 km long. Only the longest trail takes you past the wine castle in Riemst.

Grand Commandery Alden Biesen in Bilzen

2. Greenspot Grootloon

'Past hills and orchards'
The landscape in Borgloon and surroundings is sloping. So expect many climbs and descents. But hey, you have to give something to get those beautiful views. This Greenspot is most popular because every trail leads you past the famous 'see-through church'. You start in Borgloon's center and you can choose from walks of 4.4 to 12.6 km.

3. Greenspot Heks

'Past farmsteads'
The Heks Greenspot is situated a bit more to the south in dry Haspengouw, at the border with Wallonia. Here you walk past small villages, extensive fields, some imposing square farms, and many sunken roads. The trails from 5.7 to 11.9 km start at Herberg De Horne in Heers. Can you spot the mysterious bat caves on the way?

Fields with poppies in Heers

4. Greenspot Mettekoven

'Grand-cru landscape'
Mettekoven is one of Heers' tiny villages. The many fruit orchards in the hilly landscape make it a popular attraction, especially in the blossom period. You can depart from the Bergstraat in Heers for a walk of 1.5 to 6 km. The shortest trail is accessible by wheelchair.

Kids walking between blossoms in Mettekoven Heers

5. Greenspot Munsterbos

'View over ponds and puddles'
The Munsterbos woods in Bilzen, on the natural border of Haspengouw and the Limburg Kempen, is a pond area that is quite boggy. You will spot various water and swamp birds. Between the old oak forests, you can discover some heathland, which is unique for this region. Both walking routes from 6.3 or 9.7 km start at Leroyplein in Munsterbilzen.

Trees in the Munsterbos woods in Bilzen

6. Greenspot Nieuwenhoven

'Forest full of surprises'
Domain Nieuwenhoven is located on the outskirts of Sint-Truiden. Eye-catcher during your walk is the Nieuwenhoven castle. The trails up to four kilometers take you through the cooling forest, the seven kilometers route leads you also through the surrounding croplands. In the play forests young and old have lots of fun.

7. Greenspot Rullingen

'In the fruit trail'
Greenspot in the heart of Haspengouw. Along the way, you pass charming gem villages, chapels, orchards, and you follow the old 'fruit trail'. The walking routes are 2.7 to 8.2 km with two starting points: De Bottelarij in Ulbeek and the Sittardstraat in Borgloon.

8. Greenspot Vrijhern

'Nature around a heritage'
Many rivers and streams originate in the Vrijhern area in Hoeselt. Due to the fertile soil, you come across a varied landscape. Forests, stream valleys, fields, and meadows, and beautiful vistas alternate. The walking routes from 4.9 to 8.2 km start in the Kluisstraat in Hoeselt.

9. Greenspot Zammelen

'Green treasury'
Zammelen is a picturesque village in the valley of the winding Mombeek brook. In this beautiful and green paradise badgers like to build their fortress. The several walking routes from 3.6 to 6.7 km have two starting points: the church in Zammelen and the church in Gors-Opleeuw.

Wood plank walkway in the forest of Greenspot Zammelen

10. Schulensbroek

'End station of the Haspengouw rivers'
The Schulensbroek Greenspot at Haspengouw's endpoint is a very wet walking area as the rivers flow together. Ideal for waterbird spotting. You can start your hike at 't Vloot in Lummen or at the Oude Toren in Schulen. The walking routes are 2.3 to 10 km.

Foggy view over the water in Greenspot Schulensbroek