Tranendreef - Dré Wapenaar

Anders kamperen
In the landscape, next to the lane heading to the castle of Hex, you can find four tree tents. The tear-shaped sculptures are hanging from the standard trees and provide an alternative form of accommodation to spend a night in Haspengouw.
The work of Dré Wapenaar (NL)is always situated on the border between architecture ans sculpture, between a stay and a meet. His sculptures are mainly tent constructions that are placed temporarily. The social interaction around the work is of great importance for the artist.

Would you like to spend the night in a tree tent by Dré Wapenaar?
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You can camp in a tree tent with two adults and two small kids.

At the tree tents of Dré Wapenaar in Tranendreef you can also find Field Furniture 'Pure Nature' by Ardie Van Bommel (NL). She brings a sit, wash, toilet and barbecue unit based on the palettes or fruit chests that you can often see in the Haspengouw landscape. For Ardie Van Bommel it's important that visitors of Tranendreef meet each other around her artworks.

Overnight stay is possible from 1 April to 30 September.
Price: € 70,00 per night - € 17,50 per breakfast per person (optional)
Info and bookings: Tourism Borgloon +32 (0)12 67 36 53 -

These works of art are part of 'Pit - art in the public space of Borgloon', a project of the province of Limburg.

Garden accessible to guests