Time for a bit of action! Explore Limburg in a more adventurous way: on horseback, on the water or with a mountain bike. Which challenge will you take up?

Horseback riding - © Koen De Langhe

Giddy up

Limburg has many kilometres of bridle paths. And lots of nature. It's the perfect combination. Saddle up your horse and walk, trot or gallop through forests, over sand dunes, across heathland...

Heerenlaak - © Guy van Grinsven


Kayaking, canoeing, cruise round a bit more quietly in a ‘Stilsloep’ boat with electric motor. Or would you prefer to go wakeboarding, water-skiing, surfing or on the banana boat? Fun is guaranteed!

Lommel - © Guy van Grinsven


Need even more adrenaline? Then cycle up a hill by mountain bike, be the first to cross the finish line on the karting track, slide on a mountain full of snow.... Yep, Limburg is not all peace and quiet and sitting still.