Limburg is the ideal place for good food and drinks. Cozy terraces and star restaurants, fresh wines and tasty beers, home-grown fruit that comes straight from nature, and warm pies. Savour our Limburg flavours and don't forget to take some local specialties home with you.

couple tasting Limburg white wine

Limburg wines

Limburg's rolling landscape, microclimate, and marled soil deliver award-winning wines. Visit a wine estate and taste the delicious wines on the spot. You won't be disappointed. 
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Couple enjoying a locally brewed beer

Breweries and distilleries

Limburg is known for its tasty beers, but also jenevers and gins. Make sure to take the time to taste them. Cheers, and have another round! 
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Jars of quince jelly from Sint-Truiden

Deliciously local

A Meulekeukske, Bierendrèpke, Looise maan. What? All regional Limburg products through and through. The first is a biscuit from the Meuse region, the second is jenever made from berries and the last one is an apple cake. Longing for more of those delicacies?
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Eating and drinking spots in Limburg