Regional products


Limburg flan, Hasselt ‘speculaas’ biscuits, Loon syrup. The people of Limburg evidently have a sweet tooth. But fortunately, there are also healthy regional products: apples, pears, cherries, blueberries, cheese, asparagus and more. Something for every taste!

© Kristien Wintmolders

Experience local Limburg

What is so special about regional products? They are grown, cultivated or made by specialists whose heart and soul go into delivering the best quality. Local, sustainable and made with passion - and it shows! Let a passionate person like this take you on a tour some day and see how the story behind the product makes it ten times tastier!

Hasselt - © Koen De Langhe

Treats from Limburg

Take some treats from Limburg home with you. A delicious white wine as a souvenir, or pralines as a birthday present - doesn't sound bad, does it? You can find local delicacies in the specialist shops selling regional products.