Why not picking Limburg as a destination for your next city trip? A day of shopping, visiting unique heritage in our historic cities, a romantic evening for two, or simply relaxing in the most beautiful wellness centres... Is this enough inspiration for a weekend away?

Friends shopping in Maasmechelen

Shopping at your leisure

Limburg has many trendy boutiques, designer boutiques, specialty shops, and large chains. But also plenty of tasty addresses. And best of all: in our cities, they are all within walking distance of each other. Moreover, here you are not overwhelmed by a mass of people. Ideal for a day out or a weekend away with your girl friends.
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Girls having fun in jacuzzi

Mmmm, wonderful!

After a day of shopping, you are usually tired and exhausted! Shopping is hard work. A warm bath or a foot massage can do wonders. Our wellness centres will welcome you with open arms and massage away your fatigue. Enjoy a varied offer on sauna's, hammams and jacuzzi's.
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Ruttermolenwinkeltje - e

Shop - Ruttermolen

Serge and Marica do not only run B&B De Ruttermolen in Tongeren, they also sell surprising artisanal products in their Ruttermolen shop. After 18 years of experience from their bakery, they have now opted for a very small store in their old mill.

It all started with a jar of jam, which quickly grew into a nice assortment of handmade products.

With both a cook's diploma in their pocket, this leads to real taste bombs. Think of homemade hazelnut spread, advokat the grandmotherly way and limoncello.
What they cannot harvest from the garden, they buy from local farmers. And the recipes? That is a mix of family recipes and their own experience. In short: a wonderful traditional story that has been awarded the Handmade in Belgium label.

Everything you find in the Ruttermolenwinkel doesn't just look delicious. Sometimes there are great family stories behind it, too. "Our tasty hazelnut spread is a recipe from my grandfather who founded "Nonkels natuurbrood". Delicious for on bread, rice cakes or croissants, for example. But also processed in cakes, this is to lick thumbs and fingers. It is sometimes called "grease gold".

If you are in the neighborhood of the bicycle junction 118-556 jump off your bike for a delicious refreshment with an ice cream. Our special flavors you should really try.

In addition to artisan products, Serge and Marica also sell the wool of their alpacas in their natural colors, alpaca hats and scarves. "Alpaca wool is very soft and warm. Seven times warmer than sheep's wool even!"

Serge and Marica's passion is perfectly reflected in their offerings. The enthusiasm with which they search for the best local ingredients, the precision with which they prepare everything: in a word, "fantastic!