Peace. Greenery. Enjoyment. Three key words that perfectly describe the Voer region. With barely 4300 inhabitants spread over six church villages, this is the place for a relaxing holiday. The Voer region is a piece of Flanders in Wallonia and is somewhat reminiscent of the Ardennes, with the hilly terrain, the dense forests and the small picturesque villages where time seems to stand still. Slow travel is not a trend here, but a way of life.

A hiking paradise

Beacause of the tranquility, hiking is the main reason why people visit the Voer region. It is unique with views and landscapes that you will not easily find elsewhere. The extensive hiking node network ensures that you can plan your trip beforehand and you can also squeak the border with the Netherlands, because the network connects neatly with that of our neighbors. The region is also a challenge for the more ardent hiker, because of the alternation of hills and deep valleys. If you want to climb to the highest point in Flanders, you have to go to the Stroevenbos and the Reesberg. It is located in the village of Remersdaal.

Woman with dog walks in the nature of the Voer region

Cute church villages

Voeren has six rustic villages: 's Gravenvoeren, Sint-Martens-Voeren, Sint-Pieters-Voeren, Moelingen, Remersdaal and Teuven. These villages are part of the individuality of the Voer region. The authentic half-timbered houses (which are still inhabited too!), the churches, castles and numerous chapels, the historical heritage is abundant here and makes the region enormously photogenic. The old railway viaduct in Sint-Martens-Voeren is also worth a visit. It is a unique eye-catcher in the landscape.

The most beautiful walk in Flanders

You get a combination of nature and culture during the Bronnenwandeling. In 2012, this hiking route was deservedly voted the most beautiful in Flanders. You start in Sint-Martens-Voeren and walk past the half-timbered houses into the landscape of the Martelberg. Who knows, you might even spot a badger, because these animals have chosen the Voer region as their home. A little further you arrive in Sint-Pieters-Voeren, at the source of the river Voer. Make sure to take a pause at the Commandry, a beautiful castle in the Maasland Renaissance style. Trout are bred in the pond of this castle, a well-known and delicious local product. You can taste it yourself in the restaurant located at the commandry.

Half-timbered houses in the Voer region

Playing in the woods

Nothing is more fun than scrambling in trees, collecting branches and crawling into tree houses. The Voer region has several forests where the children can play and have endless fun. Healthy and also educational, because while playing they learn so much about the animals, trees and plants in the forest.

Tasting the Voeren wine

What you should definitely do when you are in the Voer region is taste a glass of the delicious wine. Due to the rolling landscape, this region is very suitable for viticulture. The winery of Crutzberg already won several prices and titles with their wines. Tasting sessions take place regularly on Saturdays. You can turn it into an entire day full of wine at Pietershof wine estate. After a guided tour by the winegrower, and the delicious tasting of the wine, you can also walk on your own through the surrounding vineyards. Zwaeneberg wine estate also bottles red wine, which is still very unique in Belgium.

Man and dog in a vineyard in the Voer region