Peace. Greenery. Enjoyment. Three key words that perfectly describe the Voer region. With a population of just 4300 spread over six parishes, this is the perfect place for a holiday where relaxation is the goal. Just remember to pack your walking boots!

's Gravenvoeren - © Guy van Grinsven

Walking, naturally!

But why would you come to the Voer region anyway? With lots of steep hills and the highest point in Flanders, you can walk from junction to junction, from one beautiful view to the next.  Worthy of Instagram! And at the end of the day, put your - by now tired - legs under the table for a great dinner.

Teuven - © Guy van Grinsven

Try out the hospitality

In the small villages you can enjoy a cosy drink and the local regional products. Trout, snails, fruit, wine and regional beers. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You can enjoy even more Limburg hospitality by staying at a working farm, in a holiday home, B&B, ‘square farmstead’ or family-run hotel!

Sint-Martens-Voeren - © Guy van Grinsven

The Voer region and beyond!

Another advantage of the Voer region is its location. A bit of Flanders in Wallonia, east of the Meuse river and near to the Dutch border. It's the ideal jumping-off point for visiting larger cities of culture such as Maastricht, Aachen, Liège and Tongeren!