The rolling landscape and the good soil make wine-growing possible in Limburg. And these local wines are absolutely top quality. Who fancies a sip of white wine?

tasting local wines

Visit a vineyard

Have you always wanted to take a look behind the scenes at the winery? Many wine farmers organize tasty tours in their vineyard. Of course, you can’t go home without an extensive tasting session first.

Take a Limburg wine home with you

If you’d like to serve up a bottle of Limburg wine, the vineyards are your best port of call. Not only do they sell their own wines, of course, but they can also give you a list of selling points if you are not in the vicinity. Cheers!

Limburg wine estates

Wijndomein Montepertini - De wijngaard

Wine Estate Montepertini

The casual passer-by, the inquisitive wine lover, the interested tourist and the genuine bon vivant: everyone is welcome here. The Celli family assembles Limburg hospitality and Italian conviviality. And brings her striking story to life in a passionate way. In a formula tailored to your wishes.

Fabio and Laura organize guided tours, workshops, teambuildings and tastings. Between the vines, in the winery and on the idyllic wine terrace of their authentic farm in Mopertingen. This is where you resonate with life and forge friendly, family and professional ties.

Fairytale or chivalrous?

Prefer to practice with two feet? That too is possible. Put on your boots and become a winegrower for a day. Finish with a delicious glass of wine at sunset. The vineyard in Eigenbilzen is the perfect setting for a magical evening. It gets even more fairytale-like on the Montepertini domain near Alden Biesen.

A state-of-the-art wine estate of four hectares will soon arise at the historic gateway to the imposing castle domain. Here you can enjoy a majestic view of Limburg. And you can easily connect to the Limburg cycling route network. The two domains of Bilzen are good for more than 20,000 bottles. It proves the burning ambition of the Celli family.

Ambitious and sustainable

On their vineyards you will mainly find Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Noir.

The first offspring is the Allegro Pinot Blanc. Lively, exceptionally aromatic and born of a sustainable mission: respect for nature and optimal use of everything the vineyard produces. That vision also formed the basis for Squadron, a 100% local gin based on the press residues.
In the spring of 2022, the Allegro will have a few more brothers and sisters.
Curious? Contact us and ask about the many possibilities.