650 kilometres. That's how long the Limburg bridle path network is. That's the equivalent of Hasselt to Berlin! And the best thing is that almost all of it is through nature on unmetalled paths. Woodland, sandy ground, dunes, heathland landscapes.... Limburg is full of them.

Meeuwen-Gruitrode - © Koen De Langhe

Bridleways with junctions

What you can do by bike here, you can also do on horseback: ride from junction to junction. Plan in advance your route using the online route planner or horse riding map. Write down the junctions, hop into the saddle, and giddy-up. Did you know that our routes connect perfectly with the Antwerp and Netherlands bridle paths? That is some mileage!

Enjoying a beer in a horse-friendly café

Time for a break

With that many kilometers of bridleways, sometimes a little pause is welcome. Along the route, you can choose among several stopping places where you can enjoy a picnic, or you take a break at a horse-friendly cafe that is perfectly geared up for rider and horse. 

Horses in the Bruegelhoeve in Peer

On holiday in Limburg with your horse

There are so many beautiful nature reserves to explore via the trail network, that one day may not be enough. Best to plan a close-by holiday or a multi-day journey. You and your horse can spend the night in one of the horse-friendly accommodations.