Horse-friendly accommodation


You can really do a lot of horse-riding in Limburg. 650 kilometres of bridle paths is quite something. Our province is therefore well worth considering if you want to go on holiday with your horse. It isn’t too far so you don’t have to trail your horse box for a long way, there is plenty of nature to follow trails for days on end and both horse and rider are welcome at over 20 hotels and guest houses.

Sleep well!

We know you will be able to sleep more soundly if you know your horse is in good hands. In the horse-friendly hotels and guest houses, you will usually be sleeping just a few metres away from your horse. And you will be surrounded by people who have been in the world of horses for some time and have the knowledge and experience to provide the best care for your horse.

Horse-sized accommodation

Park your horse box and lead your horse into a stable or meadow (as you prefer). From the moment you arrive, you will notice that a lot of thought has been given to horse-lovers’ wishes and needs.