Horse-friendly cafés


If you have planned a long tour on horseback, a break is very welcome. Make sure you stop at a horse-friendly café. Waiter, a bucket of cold water please!

A horse-friendly café?

What is that? Are there horses at the bar? A café is horse-friendly if it is easy to reach on horseback. First and foremost, of course, the café must be near the bridle path. It must also be safe to reach without having to cross busy roads or similar. You must also be able to “park” your horse safely in a paddock or at a hitching rail near the terrace so that your horse is always within sight.

Where can you find a café like this?

The addresses of all the horse-friendly cafés can be found below, so you can decide where you want to stop for a drink. The café itself will have a sign on its façade so it’s impossible to miss.