GOaLF-land Eksel: footgolf, bike&golf, walk&golf and more

Voetgolf, bike&golf, walk&golf, bike&escape, walk&escape,...

These terms probably don't say you a lot, it are unique experiences in Hechtel-Eksel. Play a combination off soccer and golf on a terrain off 2ha or do a tour by foot or by bike and put the golf ball a few times in a hole, or go for a hunt to solve a mystery, an escape-experience where you walk or cycle in the nature and village off Hechtel-Eksel.

As you see, we have something for young and old, check or site for more information!

After an activity there is a good chance that you are thirsty, you can come to us for that too. We have a range of soft drinks, beers, wine, ice cream and more. Of course you can also just come and have a drink with a view on the footgolf field.

See you soon!


Parking within a radius of 100 m?