Between the trees and ponds in the Hemelspark you can play, have a picnic or just enjoy yourself. Playing in nature, climbing trees, building huts, playing with water, it is a place where children can enjoy themselves and where they can discover nature in a playful way. The Hemelspark is designed to suit the whole family. It is an ideal place to enjoy "nature" during an afternoon. Benches and tables invite you to picnic.

The Hidden Beauty Bellevuebos walk connects nicely with the Hemelspark. The Bellevue forest is one of the largest forests in Haspengouw, which you can explore with mapped out routes. You get to know the typical landscape of Haspengouw and the habitat of many animals. Who knows, you might come across a badger on your way...


Buggy friendly
Parking within a radius of 100 m?
Suitable for wheelchairs