Zonhoven fish farms

"De Wijers is a real cultural landscape. By this we mean that throughout history, man has played a major role in shaping the landscape. There are indications that fish were farmed there from the early Middle Ages. Several brooks and streams carry the water from the higher Kempen plateau to the Demer, making the region ideal for the construction fish ponds.
The Zonhoven fish farms are proof of this. If you want to obtain an insight into the origins of the Zonhoven fish farms and how they operate, a visit is indispensable.

A 1.5 hour guided tour around the freshwater fish farm guarantees a dazzling introduction to the life in the water. The origin of fish farming, the construction of ponds, water purification, breeding and growing ponds, feeding fish and transport are just a few of the topics the guide touches upon. So be sure to take a look behind the scenes at one of the leading fish farms in the area, which exports its freshwater fish far and wide!

Every second Saturday of the month from April to October, except in July, you can join a guided tour at 2 p.m. In July, there is a guided tour every Thursday at 2 p.m.

Price: €2 per person - Free for children under 12 years


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