Viewpoint over Zepperen and Sint-Truiden, unique picnic pear

Between nodes 171 and 149 of the cycle route network, you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Zepperen's orchards and its picturesque village centre.

Come and enjoy "Look at Sint-Truiden and Haspengouw". With panorama boards and panoramic viewpoints, more information on the impressive landscape, heritage, local producers and tourist attractions is provided at the highest vantage points of the town and its surroundings.

Abbey tower, Diesterstraat 1, Sint-Truiden, node 135.
Viersprong Nieuwenhoven, Engelbamp, Nieuwerkerken, node 150.
Honsberg Zepperen, Kerselaarstraat, between node 171 and 149.
Panorama basin Roman road, Velm, between nodes 185 and 186.
Viewpoint Helsh(ea)ven, Helshoven, at node 169.