Negenoord Nature Reserve

"Negenoord-Kerkeweerd nature reserve (Dilsen-Stokkem) was once a gravel extraction site. Today, it is one of the many nature reserves being created along both the Belgian and Dutch sides of the Grensmaas. At the same time, a large cross-border 'Meuse Valley River Park' spanning over 2,500 hectares is being created, gravel is being extracted and more space is being provided for the river. This limits the risk of flooding.

In harmony with nature
The Negenoord-Kerkeweerd nature reserve is managed all year round using Konik ponies and Galloway cattle. They create a mosaic structure with open spaces, flower-rich brushwood and bushes. Recently, the beaver was also introduced to help out. Because of their grazing pattern and the supply of lime-rich gravel and seeds from the south, you find flowers and plants in Negenoord-Kerkeweerd that you will hardly find anywhere else in Limburg (except in the areas of the Meuse).
This floral paradise in turn benefits a great many butterflies and bees, such as the rare Andrena hattorfiana bee and the Queen of Spain fritillary.

Observation tower Negenoord
This unique hiking area recently acquired an observation tower.
The tower was built in the middle of the area, on a mound at the highest point. The loam tower occupies a spot in the centre of the hiking area and offers visitors a wonderful view of the Meuse Valley River Park. Only natural materials such as clay, sand and Meuse gravel were used, all in the right proportions.

Roving adventurers
Because Negenoord-Kerkeweerd is so vast, you can roam around the ‘struin’ zone (area where visitors are allowed to roam freely). There are no paths, but you can follow those made by the Konik ponies or Galloway cattle and pretend you are in the middle of nowhere.
To guarantee the large grazers and other wildlife in the area are not disturbed, we do ask that you do not take dogs into the ’struin’ zone. Dogs are welcome on the footpaths in other parts of the hiking area."


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