Steentje is a fictional character who guides you on an adventure through Thor Park.
Steenmannetjes, meaning cairns or literally “little stone men”, have long been used for navigation in the Western world. At Thor Park, the Steenmannetjes show you the quickest way to the top of the slag heap. Now, you can also enjoy the route with an interactive app. Using the ErfgoedApp heritage application, you’ll discover the stories of Steentje, a fictional character who takes you on an adventure through the wonderful world of Steenmannetjes. Steentje knows all about local heritage and nature. During the trail, you’ll discover various animals that live in the National Park. Keep your eyes open and you may spot a Eurasian skylark, a natterjack toad or a smooth snake, and learn more about them! By the way, are you a good detective? Then you’ll also find Steentje himself along the way! This trail is a fun experience for all ages, and you’ll be rewarded with a breath-taking view over Hoge Kempen National Park at the end.
Distance: 3km
stone man!


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