De Wijers: Hike Kelchterhoef

In Kelchterhoef you can fully experience the ponds of De Wijers. Settle down on the tree-dream sofa at Hoeve Mieneke or relax on the deck in the pond. Have a nice picnic on the special picnic island on the pond behind the Abdijhoeve. How do you get there? Shoes off and walk through the water!

Discover the bridge with a suspension bridge for children, paths over the water and through forests, the tree ladder with which you can peek into the crown of an old chestnut tree and the decking for fishing.

The children can reminisce on the beautiful natural playground at Hoeve Jan. With the little ones you follow the green Beestig Bomenpad, where Norbert de eik teaches you all about De Wijers and Kelchterhoef. Or jump and clamber on the Multimove trail. The entire park invites you to lie down, enjoy or play. There is so much to experience that you should definitely come back.


Buggy friendly
Parking within a radius of 100 m?