Slag heap and picknick spot Thor park Waterschei

The spoil tips in Genk are real beacons in the landscape. Do you know how they came about? These ‘mountains’ consist entirely of piles of waste rock removed from the different layers of the coal veins. If you see a spoil tip, there used to be a mine in the vicinity! These ‘waste mountains’ unexpectedly created their own microclimate, enabling you to discover a wide range of unique plants and animals over there today. The spoil tip was declared a protected landscape in 1999. You can climb to the very top. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes.

Thor is a very special urban park, noted for (among other things) its various cycle trails, footpaths and picnic spots. It’s a relaxing environment for employees on the site, but also for those living round about and for visitors who want to experience the area’s natural beauty.