De Groote Heide cross-border nature reserve

De Groote Heide cross-border nature reserve covers an area of no less than 6,000 hectares that stretches from the green south side of Eindhoven to far across the border with Belgium in Pelt and Hamont-Achel. You can, for example, stroll along the babbling water of the Dommel, stand eye to eye with the cattle in De Plateaux-Hageven or chill out on the terrace of the Achelse Kluis with a refreshing Achelse Trappist beer.

De Groote Heide embodies the very best the outdoors has to offer. Made up of lots of smaller nature reserves, each with its own value, charm and potential. They are connected by an excellent cycling and hiking route network. Admire the beautiful rural and agricultural countryside in between and all around. And don't forget the water! Dozens of fens are scattered throughout the area. From the south, a wide range of streams and brooks end in the Dommel.

The various nature gateways form the ideal start to your visit to the Cross-border Nature Reserve and have something for everyone!


Parking within a radius of 100 m?