Views of Haspengouw

Standing on the highest look-outs, information is given about the impressive landscape, heritage, local manufacturers and tourist attractions. Panorama signs and spectacles are used.

- Abbey tower
The viewpoint on the abbey tower, which is the beacon of the city, is the only viewpoint that is located in the center. From here you get a beautiful view of the city and the haspengouw nature that embraces the city. At bike junction 135.
- Viersprong Nieuwenhoven
On the Viersprong, located between Engelbamp and Heide, there is a lookout point that overlooks the southern Sint-Truiden, whose skyline is clearly recognizable on clear days. At bike junction 150.
- Honsberg Zepperen
From the higher Honsberg or Hongarenberg (Hungarians settled here) you can view the village with binoculars: with the Sint-Genovava church, the meadows of d’Oye and on the horizon the tower of the basilica of Kortenbos. A breathtaking view over the typical Haspengouw nature. Between bike junction 171 and 149.
- Panorama basin Romeinse Weg
On the Romeinse Weg in Velm, you will come across a water basin in the middle of the Haspengouw fields. Go up the stairs to the platform and discover a 360° panoramic view of the area. Between bike junction 185 and 186.
- Helsh(ea)ven
At the highest point in Helshoven, you can now enjoy a breathtaking view of the Haspengouw landscape. Artist Frits Jeuris designed a unique creation made of dozens of felled fruit trees from the area. The latest platform offers a little more. It is embedded in “Helsh(ea)ven”, a work of art made of 90 cherry trees of fifty years old. At the end of 2016, they fell prey to the Little Cherry Virus, an infectious plant disease that causes too small fruit in cherries. Now the felled trees get a second life. The work symbolizes the dynamic landscape of Haspengouw. At bike junction 169.