Pasta e Pane Hasselt - YUP Hotel

YUP is home to Pasta e Pane, a cosy restaurant devoted to traditional Italian cuisine. Every single item on the menu is prepared with seasonal, artisanal products… and amore. Lots of amore. In fact, our chef is such a passionate Italian pasta king; he wants you to try as much of her food as possible. After you’ve chosen your main dish (pizza or pasta), you will be served a selection of small plates to share with the rest of your table. We call it ‘shared dining’. First you choose the food you love the most, then you nibble, munch and discuss other kinds of delicious food while you wait. Life, right? Even the main course can be shared. Just let us know how many extra plates we need to bring out and we’ll make it happen. And if you’re still in the mood for more mouth-watering Italian culinary magic after all that, our choice of luxurious homemade desserts will top off a perfect meal.

Who are you sharing dinner with? Are you making new friends? Seeing old friends? Are you in the mood for a romantic night out for two? Or are you bringing your entire tribe?

We’d love to have you over.


Baby food heating
Buggy friendly
First aid kit available
Groups are welcome subject to reservation
High chair for kids
Local drinks
Meals offered in the exploitation
Vegetarian offer