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Limburg is a dream golfing destination. There are no fewer than six golf courses, each with their own special features. You don't often find such a wide variety of golfing opportunities in the same spot.

Golf courses in Limburg

The Koninklijke Limburg Golf Club, better known in golfing circles as Royal Limburg, with its classic heathland course, has been the pinnacle of Belgian golfing for years. Flanders Nippon Golf Club Hasselt is rightly proud of its park course located near the centre of Hasselt, while Spiegelven Genk is clearly spectacular. Millennium Paal, partly due to its unique location on the Paalse Plas, is the “Championship Course” for many people across the country. Golfforum Lummen and its nine holes has been repeatedly awarded the “Most welcoming club” label, while Golf Club Lanaken, as Limburg’s youngest golf club, has been a pleasant surprise to many, on the border with the Netherlands.

The six Limburg golf courses each have unique characteristics that are set out below. Heathland, bronze-green woodlands, water features, beautiful parkland... there’s something for everyone! Add in the challenging layout of the golf courses and you will definitely find enough golfing challenges to keep you occupied in Limburg. Don't hesitate; find out more about Golfing Limburg now.

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