Walkers can walk to their heart’s content in green Limburg. Looking for a walking route? Choose from various signposted walking loops and themed walks or make your own route from junction to junction.

1. Signposted walking loops

There's no easier way to explore Limburg’s natural areas than using the signposted walking loops. These are tailor-made for everyone: there are routes of less than two kilometres, walks for the average walker, and full-day walks of fifteen kilometres or more. The full range of walking routes can be found on the Walking in Limburg website. All you have to do while you're walking is follow the coloured symbol for the route you have chosen.

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2. Walking via junctions

Four of Limburg's nature reserves have their own walking network with junctions, which allow you to choose your own route.

  • Bosland, for a substantial walk in the oldest wooded area in Flanders
  • De Voerstreek, a walking paradise with stunning landscapes and beautiful views
  • De Groote Heide, a border-crossing walking area in the north of Limburg
  • De Merode, lying between the Kempen and Hageland, allowing you to walk over the provincial boundary

3. Themed walks

A themed walk will take you through a city or region and enable you to find out more about a specific topic. Nature, culture, history... or tailor-made for the whole family.

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4. Long-distance walks

For enthusiastic walkers who are looking for a real walking holiday, Limburg has no fewer than four long-distance walks. You can explore Haspengouw, Hoge Kempen National Park, De Wijers and RivierPark Maasvallei for days at a time by following the clear red/white or red/yellow symbols.

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