Limburg is the greenest province in Flanders and that's what makes it such great walking country. From the fruit-growing region in the south to the sandy ground in the north, wherever you choose to walk, you will find clean nature everywhere. Just remember to wear your walking boots!

Borgloon - © Raf Ketelslagers

Borgloon - © Raf Ketelslagers

So much nature

The land of 1001 ponds, the Sahara, Belgium’s only National Park - sounds promising, doesn’t it? And they’re all in Limburg. Just as you leave one nature reserve behind you, you find the next one just round the corner. You’re still wearing those walking boots, aren’t you?

Maasmechelen - © Guy van Grinsven

Maasmechelen - © Guy van Grinsven

Long... Longer... longest

For keen walkers looking for a greater challenge and to walk for several days, Limburg also has four long-distance walks along four very different routes. Walk all of them, and you’ll have covered over 330 kilometres. And then it will probably be time for a new pair of walking boots!

Hoge Kempen National Park

The only National Park in Belgium! If you want to fill your lungs with fresh air, this is the place for you!
The six gateways are the ideal starting places from where you can explore the National Park and all it has to offer!

In the Mechelse Heide, nature speaks for itself: beautiful heathland as far as the eye can see! Or would you rather climb the mining-stone hills in Connecterra to enjoy a breath-taking panorama? Relive the noble past in the moated castle in Pietersheim or visit the children's farm with playground. In Kattevennen, you can sit back and let yourself be carried away by the 360° projections in the Cosmodrome, while a barefoot trip in Lieteberg will never leave you disappointed! If you’re bringing bikes, then Station As is your ideal starting point.

The National Park with its dark green forests, vast heathland and shimmering fens invites you to go out on a hike. You can choose from 51 signposted loops, which start at the six gateways. They are easy to combine thanks to the hiking switches. Did you know that two walks in Pietersheim carry a Premium quality label? If you’ve still got some energy left, then why don’t you have a go at the long-distance hike of 75 km?

We’re confident that cyclists and mountain bikers, too, will find what they are looking for here! Thanks to the network of cycling tracks, you can easily create your own route. Mountain bikers have the choice of 10 signposted loops, ranging from 16 to 80 km, all varying in difficulty.

We even have a whole network of trails for horse riders. With clear signs and clear maps, you will never lose your way!

Would you like to strike out with a local? Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, a Ranger sets off from one of the gateways. Groups can also book their own Rangers online.

By the way, did you know that the Hoge Kempen National Park and the surrounding mining sites are candidates for recognition as UNESCO World Heritage Sites?