The National Park Kidsafari

“The Big 5” are found in Africa. They are the five most powerful mammals in the world: the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhinoceros and the leopard, and if you are very lucky, you can spot all five of them on a safari in an African nature park.

Africa is quite far away, so fortunately Belgium has several nature parks! You may not believe it, but you can spot many cool animals on a safari through our Hoge Kempen National Park - without even venturing too far into the park. A wide variety of wildlife lives concealed around the Zandloperpad (Sandpiper Path), provided you know where to look of course!

Biologist and film-maker Frank Resseler is the ideal guide on your safari through the National Park. He reveals the wonderful world of wildlife that lies hidden between the banks of the river Maas, in the dry sand, or amongst the heather. The most fascinating animals live there, right under your nose, and Frank will tell you all about them.

Follow the Zandloperpad in an anti-clockwise direction, and find the QR codes on the wooden poles. Scan all 4 of them using a smartphone or tablet, and find out everything about the Big 4 of our kids safari. Who knows, maybe a lion (cub) is peering out from under a tree?

National Park Kidsafari is an initiative of the Municipality of Maasmechelen, in collaboration with the Hoge Kempen National Park.


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