O-Parade | 1 mei

THE SPECTACLE OF SPECTACLES IN GENK<br><br>A visual spectacle like no other in Flanders and beyond: that’s the O Parade! Two hours of international street theatre acts, giant-size installations, awesome costumes, drama, singing, dancing and music. And all for free! <br><br>AND THERE’S MORE ON MAY 1ST <br>The magnificent O Parade. But also a large annual street fair. Funfair attractions. Fireworks. On May 1st spectacle and geniality go hand in hand in Genk. <br><br>PROGRAMME <br>07.00 – 14.30 ANNUAL STREET FAIR <br>10.00 – 00.00 FUNFAIR<br>16.00 – 18.00 O PARADE <br>22.00 – 22.25 FIREWORKS