be-MINE offers a unique experience for all ages. The Mine Museum will immerse you in the history of coal mining.

Prefer something more physical? The mine heap at be-MINE has been transformed into
a spectacular Adventure Mountain with a panoramic view. Plus, don’t miss visiting our
climbing centre, swimming pool or snorkelling and diving centre. In short: plenty of fun for everyone!

Prefer cycling or walking? Start at be-MINE and follow the coal track or cross the mine city.

At be-MINE there’s lots of variety for a weekend trip with the whole family


a. Meeting rooms 0 - 20 people
b. Meeting rooms 20 -50
Buggy friendly
c. Meeting rooms 50 - 100 people
Changing corner for baby
d. Meeting rooms 100 – 150 people
Parking within a radius of 100 m?