Beringen colliery


The colliery in Beringen, be-MINE, is Flanders' best-preserved and largest industrial heritage site. At the foot of two slag heaps, the past is brought together with a completely new interpretation of the area.

Back to the past

Learn more about the history of the mines in the Mine Museum and go underground to experience how it felt working in the mine. On Mining Sundays, you can visit a number of buildings that are normally closed to the public, such as the bathing hall with rows and rows of showers, or the wage room, where miners went to collect their pay.

Action on be-MINE

Even if you want to be more active, be-MINE is an ideal addition to your to-do list, The slag heaps are perfect for a bit of physical exercise. Walkers experience quite a serious workout hiking to the top. Mountain bikers can practice their skills on the trail along the steep face. And children climb up the Adventure mountain past all kinds of obstacles. The icing on the cake is TODI, Europe's first indoor snorkel and scuba diving center, where you can dive to a depth of ten meters between more than 1500 tropical fish. 

be-MINE - © Koen De Langhe

What to do and see on be-MINE