Wine Estate Montepertini

The bottle on the table and the feet underneath. Toast together and talk, a laugh and a tear. But always together. 'Insieme', as they say here. Fabio and Laura assemble Limburg hospitality and Italian conviviality. You will notice this immediately when you settle down on the idyllic wine terrace of their authentic farm in Mopertingen. In this beautiful part of Haspengouw you can enjoy life and forge friendly, family and professional ties.

In the shadow of the winery and vinification room you can taste typical regional products, finger food and of course our own Montepertini products. These lively and aromatic wines are born of a sustainable mission: respect for nature and optimal use of everything that the vineyard produces. That vision also formed the basis for their distillates, 100% local based on the press residues.

Fairytale or chivalrous?

Would you like to end your family outing or bike ride with a visit to one of the vineyards? That is perfectly possible. The site under the bend of the Albert Canal in Eigenbilzen is the perfect setting for a magical evening. It gets even more fairytale-like on the Montepertini domain near Alden Biesen. A state-of-the-art wine estate of four hectares will soon arise at the historic gateway to the imposing castle domain. Here you can enjoy a majestic view of Limburg.

The good life

The range will soon expand further. And so the Celli family is getting closer and closer to its dream: its own top range of Belgian wines. Which tastes better nowhere than on this cozy terrace, right in the greenery of Limburg. Where everyone is really welcome: the casual passer-by, the inquisitive wine lover, the interested tourist and the genuine bon vivant. And even the littlest ones can taste it. Not from the wine, but from 'la dolce vita'!

Fabio and Laura also organize tailor-made formulas. Be sure to ask for the extensive options.


Buggy friendly
Drinkbus bijvullen, ev. mits consumptie
Groups are welcome subject to reservation
Local drinks
Offer of regional dishes / products
Playground or play area
Snacks (limited menu)