Welcome to the ESCO|BAR Experience

Welcome to ESCO|BAR & Grill, where we take pride in our mouthwatering grill dishes and authentic Colombian and Brazilian atmosphere. Indulge in our succulent fish and meat options that are expertly prepared on our Josper grill, giving them that distinctive smoky flavor.

Step into our restaurant and be transported to the vibrant streets of Colombia and Brazil, with lively music, friendly staff, and a warm and inviting ambiance. Our open-fire cooking ensures that every bite is a flavor-packed delight.

At ESCO|BAR & Grill, we offer a unique dining experience that pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of Latin America. Join us for our sizzling BBQ nights and embrace the spirit of Pablo Escobar as we serve up some of the most delectable dishes in town. Come and enjoy the perfect blend of food, culture, and unforgettable memories at ESCO|BAR & Grill.


Baby food heating
Buggy friendly
Drinkbus bijvullen, ev. mits consumptie
First aid kit available
Groups are welcome subject to reservation
High chair for kids
Local drinks
Meals offered in the exploitation
Regional dishes
Snacks (limited menu)
Vegetarian offer