Wine-estate Marsnil

The youngest generation of Vanmarsenille-Cornelis moves to cultivate white and red grapes. The seven grandchildren of Paul Vanmarsenille gave a new purpose to this "difficult" field in 2014. The subsoil turned out to be the ideal terroir for the creation of a unique vineyard.

Piquant detail: the vineyard is located in the "Marsnil" area, undoubtedly the origin of the Vanmarsenille family name. This place is already mentioned on the Herkenrodek maps (1660) as "Het Marsenil velt": Mars= marsh, ille = island.

The total area now amounts to 2.25 hectares.
All varieties are mainly processed into dry and still wines.
The largest share is chardonnay, pinot noir and auxerrois. Alongside these are the late-ripening varieties riesling, gewurztraminer and merlot.


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