Giant land

New: exciting hiking quest for the whole family
The fruit giants of Sint-Truiden send you on a 5.7 km (shortened 2.9 km) walking quest through the beautiful Cicindria valley.
Along the way, you can enjoy the delicious scents and colours of the fruit orchards, which change clothes every season.
The quest is fun for young and old alike. On the route, you will pass many picnic tables and resting benches, so be sure to bring a picnic or snack for along the way.

You start in Straeten (Bevingen), parking is possible at the start sign.
Read the story of the fruit giants before you start the walk.
Follow the signposts* and complete the assignments.
A smartphone with data connection is required to complete the quest.

*Optionally, you can purchase a hiking map from Tourism for 1 euro or download it for free.

The fruit giants
Hello everyone, I am Kraker, a friendly giant. I am not just any giant, but a fruit giant. Together with my family I live in Sint-Truiden: the city of fruit!
We guard the many fruit trees you see here.

But now we have a problem and that's why we need your help!
There was a heavy storm in the beautiful Cicindria valley, which caused us to lose all our chairs and make us invisible!

Will you help us find our chairs? To do so, you have to complete all the tasks correctly:

Find the chairs.
Find the secret symbol hidden on each chair.
Scan the QR code with your smartphone and make us visible again!
If you have found the whole family, we will reward you with a surprise.

Good luck!
For more historical information about the fruit giants, visit