Multimovepad Kepkensberg

The hill is located between the hamlets of Genebos and Genendijk in the municipality of Ham. Despite its low height, the hill has some steep slopes. The hill has a base of iron sandstone. Kepkensberg is covered with forest and is accessible to hikers. The Ham hiking route network also traverses this area. In recent years, the municipality has regularly bought pieces of forest so that it can remain a protected piece of nature.

For years, children big and small have come to enjoy themselves there. Today, Kepkensberg is being put on the map more than ever with the addition of a brand new Multimove path. The signposted, adventure trail of just under 3 kilometres starts at the Scout classrooms in Bivakstraat. The hike starts immediately with a tough climb at the well-known little chapel. Along the way, you will discover challenging exercises for young and old. Moovie, the mascot of Multimove, challenges you to balance, throw aimed, jump ... but above all to move and have fun. Social workshop De Winning and the municipal services put their creativity to use. New playground equipment was purchased for a number of skills. There are also picnic and rest facilities along the way.


Parking within a radius of 100 m?