Experience centre De Brug

Even just the view is breath-taking on the bridge in Vroenhoven. From the terrace of brasserie Onder De Brug, you have a stunning panoramic view of the Albert Canal and the Haspengouw hills. However, below the bridge a unique experience centre can be found.

The interactive experience centre builds a bridge between the two topics that come together at this special location: the devastation of the Second World War on the one hand, and the innovative power of the Albert Canal and the inland navigation sector on the other hand.

The fighting on and around the Vroenhoven Bridge marked the start of the Second World War in Belgium. You can experience the invasion hour by hour through the eyes of soldiers and civilians.

At the same time, the Inland Navigation Experience is guaranteed to change your view of this location. This is not 'just' the place where war broke out in our country, it is also a mobility network with great value for our economy and the climate.


a. Meeting rooms 0 - 20 people
b. Meeting rooms 20 -50
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