Along the water Past nice villages Beautiful vistas

Cycle along a necklace of historic villages and endless riverbanks in the Limburg Maas region. There’s not a car in sight on the dyke, only picturesque stops like the shady Maaseik market square and the most beautiful village in Flanders: Oud-Rekem. You will soon notice that the Maas is the boss here! The river is unnavigable and is given space here to meander its way gracefully through the Maasland. You pedal along with migratory birds at your side and wild grazers in your sights, past gravel ponds, old river arms, and more beauty than we can mention here. Doing a tour? Jump on a ferry and cross the Maas to discover the Dutch bank. You can easily return to your starting point via the Dutch LF Maas route.

  • 75 km
  • Flat
  • Onder de brug in Kanne
    Jekerstraat 4