Sint-Pietersbanden Church

Sint-Pietersbanden Church transports any visitor to the heavens. Just a glance at this protected monument instantly reveals the different centuries in which the church was built: the neo-Gothic nave fits in nicely with the late-Gothic church tower. You can enjoy the carillon concerts here every Wednesday afternoon.

The church tower was built around 1480 as a proud testimony to a prosperous town. But the thanks goes to the sheep, because it was the annual proceeds from the local wool trade that financed the church tower, soon earning it the nickname the ‘wool tower’. In total it is 40 meters tall, with a 17 meters tall spire and has 57 marlstone masks. The church building is a little younger, from around 1900-1903, and is known for the interior decoration by Vincent Lenertz: the monumental organ, the stained glass windows by Gust Ladon and restored murals by Adolphe Tassin depicting the life of Peter, the saints and the angels.


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