In Bosland you can cycle through the trees. Cycling through a forest environment is a special experience for the senses. This cycle path safely takes you into higher realms. Quite literally - because you cycle around a double circle up to a height of 10 metres between the trees. You can see, feel and smell nature’s splendour.

Where can you cycle through the trees?

You can find this cycling experience in Hechtel-Eksel, in the Bosland forest, at junction 272 of the cycle route network.

It is no coincidence that Cycling through the Trees (#FDDB) is located in Bosland. The largest uninterrupted forest area in Flanders unites man and nature. Each of the four municipalities in Bosland has its own theme. For Hechtel-Eksel, this is “The tree in...” Cycling through the Trees (#FDDB) now gives Hechtel-Eksel its own landmark.

knooppunt 272

What makes the cycle path so special?

Just like Cycling through Water, this cycle path offers a unique cycling experience in harmony with the natural environment. By unlocking the fabulous Bosland with such spectacular results, visitors can experience this natural world in a very special way. You become one with the forest.

The path gradually rises to a height of 10 metres and is 700 metres long with a diameter of 100 metres. The Corten steel pillars are situated at varying intervals of 1, 2 and 3 metres apart and symbolise the straight trunks of the fir trees, ensuring that the structure fits beautifully into the environment. 

Fietsen door de Bomen

Respect for the forest

The Pijnven woods largely consist of coniferous trees, planted at the beginning of the last century to produce wood for the mining industry. As the mines were closed, the trees were never felled. We are now trying to improve this situation with a tailor-made woodland management plan. We are giving smaller indigenous trees at the lower levels of the forest more space and light so they can grow. In this way, we are working step by step to create healthy and balanced forest resources with small, medium-sized and tall trees.

Close to the entrance to Cycling through the Trees is a cycle pavilion, which serves as a rest and information point for cyclists and walkers. The pavilion is built from two Corten steel frames with logs stacked around them. These logs come from the trees that were felled to make room for the cycle bridge.


Cycling through the Trees is a project by Visit Limburg in conjunction with the Province of Limburg, LSM, Visit Flanders, the municipality of Hechtel-Eksel, the Flemish government’s Nature and Woodland Agency (ANB) and Bosland.