At junction 91 on the cycle route network you cycle through the water. You don’t need to wear wellies or a wetsuit, because, as luck would have it, you stay on dry land. But the cycle path takes you through the pond from one bank to the other. And at one point you cycle with the surface of the water at eye level on both sides. That's fun!

Fietsen door het Water - Fotograaf: Luc Daelemans

Where do you Cycle through Water?

In Bokrijk, between cycle junctions 91 and 243, in the extensive De Wijers pond landscape. To make it easy, we have already outlined a cycle route where you can cycle through the water. Don’t forget to take a selfie (with or without a swan in the background) and to share it with #FDHW.

Fietsen door het Water - Fotograaf: Luc Daelemans

Why should you Cycle through Water?

Because it's simply a beautiful sight. In 2017 it was even the most popular cycle path in Flanders. And this project is on the international radar too: Cycling through Water won an award in Australia and America  for this great piece of landscape architecture.

Fietsen door het Water - Fotograaf: Luc Daelemans

Win-win situation

Nature provides for a unique experience but we also provide for nature. As a result of the Cycling through Water project, the roll-out of Bokrijk’s new woodland and landscape management plan was accelerated, which is only a good thing for the flora and fauna in the area. By opening the dikes, the ponds stay clean for longer, which is good for the habitat of the amphibians. And the heritage of De Wijers was given a boost too. The ‘monks’ that traditionally regulate the water management of the ponds were replaced by new ones.

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