'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk is a unique cycling experience in which you cycle more than 200 meters through a pond. The bike path opened in April 2016 and since then many cyclists and hikers have felt the magic of this place.

The cycle path leads you through a pond, all the way from one bank to the other. In the middle, the water is at eye level on both sides. You feel, see and smell the water. A beautiful and unique view over the landscape. When you watch from a distance it is funny to see all those heads on the surface of the water passing by. The path is accessible to walkers and joggers as well.

'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk

Where is 'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk situated?

Cycling through Water is located at node 91 of the cycle node network in Bokrijk, which is part of the extensive De Wijers pond landscape. The exact GPS coordinates of this cycling node are 50.963069, 5.392711.

If you come by car, you can leave it at one of Bokrijk's two spacious parking lots. Enter Bokrijklaan 1, 3600 Genk as the GPS address. It is also easily accessible by public transport: Bokrijk has its own train station and the bus stops right outside.

If you do not want to bring own bicycle, you can always rent one at a bicycle rental nearby. Find a rental point at fietsparadijslimburg.be, reserve your bike in advance and pick it up on the day itself.

A cycle path with respect for nature

Nature provides for a unique experience but we also provide for nature. As a result of the Cycling through Water project, the roll-out of Bokrijk’s new woodland and landscape management plan was accelerated, which is only a good thing for the flora and fauna in the area. By opening the dikes, the ponds stay clean for longer, which is good for the habitat of the amphibians. And the heritage of De Wijers was given a boost too. The ‘monks’ that traditionally regulate the water management of the ponds were replaced by new ones.

'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk is a project by Visit Limburg in cooperation with the Province of Limburg, Bokrijk, Natuur en Bos, Erfgoed Vlaanderen, Natuurpunt, Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (VLM), Genk and Provinciaal Natuurcentrum (PNC).

Cycling through Water in Bokrijk

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