You might already know 'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk and 'Cycling through the Trees' in Bosland? Well, Limburg has a new unique cycling experience! A brand new cycle path 'Cycling through the Heathland' in the Hoge Kempen National Park. On a bikepath of 4 km you cycle right through Belgium's only National Park and a wooden bicycle bridge of 300 meters takes you higher up to a beautiful panoramic view.

'Cycling through the Heathland' takes you straight through the Hoge Kempen National Park. In Belgium's only National Park, vast pine forests alternate with endless heathland landscapes. With 'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park you get all this presented on a tray on the new connection between cycle nodes 550 and 551. An exceptional connection, because you cycle across the Mechelse Heide, with 700 hectares one of the largest heathland areas in Flanders. A unique experience on this route is undoubtedly the almost 300 meter long wooden bicycle bridge, a beacon in the landscape. On top of the bridge you get a panoramic view over the natural environment.

'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park

I want to go Cycling through the Heathland!

Cycling through the Heathland, that’s carefree pedalling through the most exquisite nature in Limburg. Get started with our online route planner and map out a route via cycle nodes 550-551 in Maasmechelen.

Why not making it easy for yourself? To pamper you even more, we have already mapped out some ready-made cycling routes for you. You start at one of the ‘Toegangspoorten’ (entrance gates) of the Hoge Kempen National Park along the route.

Arriving by car?

It is not possible to park your car nearby 'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park, it is even prohibited. The ‘Toegangspoorten’ (entrance gates) of the Hoge Kempen National Park are the ideal starting point for those arriving by car. In most cases you will also find tourist information, catering and bike rental here. So leave your car at one of the Toegangspoorten and from there follow the cycling nodes in the direction of route 550-551.

Where your car waits for you while you’re cycling:

  • Toegangspoort Terhills Maasmechelen
    between node 55 and 60
  • Toegangspoort De Lieteberg Zutendaal
    between node 64 and 251
  • Toegangspoort Station As
    at node 41
  • Toegangspoort Kattevennen Genk
    at node 30
  • Toegangspoort Pietersheim Lanaken
    between node 131 and 140

Arriving by train? Great!

From Genk train station you can easily acces one of our routes in the direction of 'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park. The shortest connection? 250-30-29-534-251-252-550 (13km)

Rent a bike? Of course that's possible!

If you can’t bring you own bike, you can always rent one. The nearest bicycle rental points are De Lieteberg, Station As and Kattevennen. You can also rent one at Domein Pietersheim and Fietspunt Station Genk. Make sure to book in advance.

'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park is a project of Visit Limburg, the marketing organization responsible for promoting tourism in Limburg. Everything was done in collaboration with the Province of Limburg, Limburg Sterk Merk, Visit Flanders, the municipality of Maasmechelen, the Woodland Agency and the Regional Landscape Hoge Kempen & Maasland.

Visit Limburg creates an extra layer on top of the existing cycling route network with unique cycling experiences such as 'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk, 'Cycling through the Trees' in Bosland and 'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park. The next cycling experience? 'Cycling Underground' in Kanne.