Soon we will be able to welcome a new unique cycling experience. We are developing a brand new cycle path called 'Cycling through the Heathland' in Hoge Kempen National Park. This landmark is part of a total metamorphosis of the cycling route between junction 550 and 551.

Latest update on Cycling through the Heathland

The works on this new cycling experience have started. The cycle path from the Steenweg naar As along the Weg naar Heiwick to the Weg naar Zutendaal is closed down. It will be ready in the spring of 2021.

What will Cycling through the Heathland look like?

On top of the bridge you will have a wide view over Hoge Kempen National Park. You will see horses grazing in the distance and ypu will be able to spot many other animal species that live in the Park. It will be a unique experience in an extraordinary nature reserve.

Like a pier on the coast, the elongated structure of the bicycle bridge will be a beacon in the landscape. The iconic wooden bridge will be no less than 294 meters long and will become a landmark in the wider area. There was deliberately chosen to work with sustainable woods. The walls are made of preserved softwood and the supporting structure is built from Azobé, a wood with a high strength class.

A new route on the cycle route network

We already converted the Weg naar Heiwick in Maasmechelen into a new cycle path. This creates a new central cycling route in the Hoge Kempen National Park. It will be part of the cycle node network and will connect the nodes 551 and 550. The new route runs through the Mechelse Heide, one of the largest heathland areas in Flanders.

Image of what Cycling through the Heathland will look like

Image of what Cycling through the Heathland will look like

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