Studio Pieter Stockmans was set up in 1987 to provide a place for craft production for porcelain in limited series using special techniques, and to make room for experiment. The Studio stands for group work or, rather, collaboration. Because Stockmans’ daughter Widukind is also actively involved.
Since 1997 she has been head of the Studio. Stockmans designs installations, interior objects and exclusive tableware for toprestaurants.

Expo "Piet 80"

On the occasion of Piet Stockmans' 80th birthday, there is a new exhibition in the former metal warehouse of the Winterslag mine in C-mine, where Studio Pieter Stockmans is located.
Piet Stockmans is showing new free work. After more than 50 years of working with porcelain, he continues to have new applications.
He has planned a large installation in the middle of the 1200 m2 space.
But new wall installations and floor installations are also included in this museum space, which is filled with daylight.
An exceptional book will be published for his 80th birthday.
Printed on 300 copies in A3 size, 29.7x42cm.
All books are signed by the artist.
There will be three versions, one of which will be combined with porcelain.

Frank Claesen, who has been designing for the Studio Pieter Stockmans since 1998, pays tribute to Piet Stockmans for this birthday expo. In the past year he has worked on 6 new designs in which he has converted a typical Piet Stockmans element into a porcelain object. Each design with its own story. From now on Frank is chief designer for the Studio Pieter Stockmans brand.
Both designers propose some limited editions.


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