The completely handmade porcelain collection can be admired in our shop/store (800 m2) in a unique heritage building.
We are located within walking distance of the C-mine main building.
The shop is freely accessible.

Combine your visit with a visit to the
overview exhibition 'The Archives' (€ 7/person)

The Archives - the entire oeuvre of Piet Stockmans

- On the front side Piet Stockmans talks about himself, his training, his work for third parties and with third parties.
- Part two is an overview of 34 years of Studio Pieter Stockmans. In addition to the applied work for the studio, the ode which Frank Claesen paid to Piet is also included. According to Piet Stockmans, full confidence in the future is assured.
- The third part shows the works of Piet Stockmans until 2015.


Free Wifi
Parking within a radius of 100 m?
Suitable for wheelchairs