Winterslag colliery


Genk had no fewer than three mines on its territory: Winterslag, Zwartberg, and Waterschei. The old mining site in Winterslag is these days known as C-mine.

Above and below ground

At C-mine, you can relive the life of a miner. An underground interactive experience trail with innovative installations stimulates all your senses. You experience how dark it was in the corridors, you hear the miners shuffling past... Be sure to climb up the 60-meter high shaft tower with a phenomenal view.

C-mine - © Guy van Grinsven

What’s in a name?

The C in C-mine stands for creativity. And they really are creative here! Ceramic artist Piet Stockmans has his studio in the former metal store. The artistic and architectural duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh has built a large maze on the inner courtyard. And the LUCA School of Arts is located here.

C-mine - © Guy van Grinsven