Gallo-Roman Tumuli

Rich Romans built large artificial earthen burial mounds as their final resting place. In Gingelom you will find six of these tumuli within a radius of one and a half kilometres: the largest collection in Belgium.

Between cycle junctions 510, 511, 192, 280 and 281 you pass the 'Twee Tommen', the 'Drie Tommen' and the imposing 'Avernassetom': with a height of 7.8 m and a diameter of 23 m one of the largest burial mounds in Haspengouw.

You can also hike along a signposted walking route ('Verborgen Moois Gallo-Romeinse tumuli') that departs from Brouwerijstraat in Gingelom (Vorsen).

The sites can also be visited by guided tractor-trailers. Ideal for small groups (up to 22 people). Larger groups (max. 44 people) can combine the trip to the tumuli sites with a visit to Fruit Farm Jadoul (the group is then split up).


Buggy friendly
Suitable for wheelchairs